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At Sensitive home care we want to ensure a better quality of life for our disable and elderly clients and their families, by providing dependable and affordable care at a moment's notice.

Sensitive Home Care  LLC


Our Story

Stroke Patient

You may be able to have specialists come to your home to help you recover.

Although this may be more comfortable and convenient than undergoing rehabilitation outside your home ,this option has its limits. you likely won't be able to do exercises that require specialized equipment ,and your insurance company may not cover this type of care.

Adults with Cerebral Palsy

There are many adults with CP who go on to lead an independent life. How much independence they have will vary with each case. Adults with less severe types of CP may be able to live on their own and work a full-time job. Others with more severe forms of CP or coexisting conditions may require full-time assistance to complete daily tasks.


we partnership with many physicals therapist that can services clients in there home call us today for more information

call us 267-888-6291

On July 1 2013 I was on my way to my job. The day seemed like any normal day little did I know that my life would be changed for ever on this very day. I started not feeling like my self and when I arrived at work my boss called the ambulance and I was taken to the hospital. They ran tests and as it turned out I had a stroke. After four days in the hospital I was taken to moss rehab. Where I received physical and occupational therapy. While at moss I went to a very deep depression and my attitude how can I put this was not the greatest. In fact it was piss poor how ever the staff was wonderful a month later I was off to majestic oaks nursing home . In September of 2014 I left majestic oaks and moved to the Elkins park house where I reside today. It was here that sensitive home care came into my life not only did the aide help me with my home care like bathing , cleaning helping me with my clothes but he also encouraged me to become more independent . He help to walk again I don’t use a wheel chair any more and sensitive home care help me with find volunteering services for me to help others who are less independent then my self . I also received my 2nd masters degree in Jewish education . If it were not for sensitive home care and the great care that the aide presides but more importantly the awesome person that he is I don’t think i would have accomplished so much in such a short time.

Russell Cohen

Clients since 2014

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